Freitag, März 28, 2014

Was die Nase riechen will, sind duftende Orchideen, und ihr das vorzuenthalten, bedeutet den Geruchssinn zu vergewaltigen

If I look at a flower, people will say 'How aesthetic!' And if I look at a woman's beautiful face, people will say 'This is lust.' If I go to the tree, and stand there, and look in a dazed state at the flower -- my eyes wide open, my senses wide open to allow the beauty of the flower to enter me -- people will think I am a poet or a painter or a mystic. But if I go to a woman and just stand there with great reverence and respect, and look at the woman with my eyes wide open and my senses drinking the beauty of the woman, the police will catch hold of me. Nobody will say that I am a mystic, a poet, nobody will appreciate what I am doing. Something has gone wrong.

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